cuttingboardMy first studio was just 16 inches by 23 inches, about the size of a cutting board. In fact, that’s exactly what it was: an old wooden cutting board that I placed on my lap or propped up against anything that would stabilize it. The cutting board was portable, affordable, and the only thing available to an exhausted mother with four little boys.

My studio now is a 1,200 sq ft loft with 5 industrial-size windows facing north, 2 facing west, hard wood floors, brick walls, high ceilings., easels, work tables, my iPod and Bose speakers; it could easily be a movie setting of an artist’s studio. ( I want Michelle Pfeiffer to play me) Is it better than the cutting board studio? Of course it is. But does it replace it? No, it is all a part of the same state of mind. As simple as it was, that well-used piece of wood was the nidus, the site where something develops, for all the art work I would ever make.


Over the years I have had to adapt to many types of studios in cities and countries around the world, but they all have one thing in common with my cutting board studio: the ability to trigger my mind to enter a place of pure raw possibilities along with the unabashed joy that I am an artist alone in my studio, whatever that is.