901, 2014

An Artified Life

The Definition of An “Artified Life” implicit within the movie, “Cast Away”
Artified is word I thought I had made up when I first used it to describe my daily life. I like to play with words so “artified” slipped out easily when one day I was asked what I was doing now that my life had changed so drastically. I answered, ”I am becoming artified”.

This response came out of one of those best moments in life where you […]

2807, 2015

Babies Joins the Circus 2015

 My 2015 series entitled, “Babies Join the Circus”, is centered around the emotional content of paradox.  The representational imagery is of vulnerable babies, who nevertheless seem to be in total control, placed within a timeless, disquieting form of quantum space. Each painting is a self-enclosed universe as mysterious as is the child’s future, of which, we are all a part.

This work was inspired when a long-awaited baby was born into our family, bringing such beauty […]

1707, 2015

No Room for a Bad Attitude

 My last post, “A Studio is a State of Mind,” was almost one year ago. I am now eating my words.

Because of the global economy I lost savings, my job, my home and my beautiful studio.

Fortunately I did find an affordable vacant house with a 3.5 car garage.  It was a hard move that took a full year.  During that time I painted on the top of packing boxes and on my kitchen island as […]

804, 2014

A Studio Is A State Of Mind

My first studio was just 16 inches by 23 inches, about the size of a cutting board. In fact, that’s exactly what it was: an old wooden cutting board that I placed on my lap or propped up against anything that would stabilize it. The cutting board was portable, affordable, and the only thing available to an exhausted mother with four little boys.

My studio now is a 1,200 sq ft loft with 5 industrial-size windows facing […]

1301, 2014

New Visions Gallery Exhibit

Current Exhibit
Concealing & Revealing

Ceramics by Minkyu Lee & Paintings by Suellyn Scoon

Dates: January 5 – February 21, 2014

Read more about this exhibit: click here


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