My last post, “A Studio is a State of Mind,” was almost one year ago. I am now eating my words.

Because of the global economy I lost savings, my job, my home and my beautiful studio.

Fortunately I did find an affordable vacant house with a 3.5 car garage.  It was a hard move that took a full year.  During that time I painted on the top of packing boxes and on my kitchen island as I rehabbed one of the garage spaces into studio space.

I went from a 1,200 sq. feet studio with an additional 700 sq ft of storage to a total of 320 sq. feet.( insert scream here ).

Right now, everything that is art or can make art, including myself, must coexist in this tiny little space.

There simply is not enough room for everything; especially a bad attitude.  It is hard for me right now. My state of mind has been wrung dry, but life has taught me that somehow it will change. It always does. Art always finds a way and I will always follow.